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The xEV state-of-the-art changes by the day. Stay competitive, with continually updated knowledge in batteries, power management, lightweight materials, powertrain, and countless other topics. 

Advanced Hybrid
Vehicle Powertrains

Specialized global research addressing topics like system performance optimization and cost analysis.


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Technical Papers
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Measuring Properties of Li-Ion Battery Electrolyte
Security for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Communications
Vibration Testing of Electric Vehicle Batteries
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Safety Systems Information Report
Featured Standards
Technical Papers
Journal Articles
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Energy Management Strategy on Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Articulated Vehicle Based on Vehicular Networking
An Analysis of the Safety of Low-Speed Electric Vehicles in the Event of a Frontal Collision
The Structural Design and Experimental Study of Integrated Stability Control for Distributed Driven Electric Vehicle
Extended Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle via Structural Electrical Power Storage and Energy Generation Devices
Featured Standards
Technical Papers
Journal Articles
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Efficiency of an AC Conductive In-Road Charging System for Electric Vehicles-Analysis of Pilot Project Data
SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles
Performance Evaluation of a Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Retrofitted with Waste Heat Recovery and Hybrid Electric Systems
SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles
Climate Control Load Reduction Strategies for Electric Drive Vehicles in Cold Weather
SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars — Mechanical Systems
Transition to Electric Vehicles in China: Implications for Total Cost of Ownership and Cost to Society
SAE International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Energy, Environment, & Policy
Featured Standards
Technical Papers
Journal Articles
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Introduction to Hybrid Vehicle Electrical Systems

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Introduction to Cooling Airflow Systems
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High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems
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High Voltage Safety and PPE
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SAE EDGE™ Research Reports

Steer your R&D with confidence. Each report considers pressing unsettled issues in emerging technologies and proposes frameworks for resolution. See our electrification content today. 


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"A Proposal for Applying Belief, Desire, and Intent Agents toward Automotive Vehicle Energy Management"


"Time-Optimal Coordination Control for the Gear-Shifting Process in Electric-Driven Mechanical Transmission (Dog Clutch) without Impacts"
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SAE International Journal of Electrified Vehicles

Editor-in-Chief: Simona Onori, Ph.D.
Stanford University, USA

Original, peer-reviewed research addressing novel tools and methods related to electrified powertrains. From batteries to fuel cells, to charging and beyond, across all transportation modes.


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