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AS13100 Standard
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Does Your QMS Meet
AS13100 Requirements?

This new standard harmonizes customer requirements for many aero engine manufacturers. The compliance deadline for suppliers is approaching.

Watch our video series for an introduction from quality executives.

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The Aerospace Industry

Part 1

The Aerospace Industry

Part 1

The Aerospace Industry

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AS13100 Supplemental Quality Management System Requirements

On Demand

Move your team closer to compliance with the new AS13100 standard, through expert training from SAE and the AESQ.

This course is designed for quality leads, functional leads, and anyone defining production processes to meet customer, regulatory, and industry requirements. Suppliers with multiple customers will learn how to understand and comply with AS13100 requirements, focusing on key quality systems and processes.

AS13100: Quality Foundations

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Designed to bring together the key quality systems, processes, and methodologies to show how they work as part of a system, this new course will focus on Defect Prevention. Over 3 days, participate in hands-on case studies that:

  • Illustrate how the quality tools are to be utilized
  • Provide opportunities to evaluate the current practices
  • Demonstrate how and when to use AS13100
  • Detail the benefits and value of AS13100

SAE AS13100

AESQ Quality Management System Requirements for Aero Engine Design and Production Organizations

Access the Standard

AS13100 harmonizes the requirements of RR, GE, P&W and Safran into a single document supported by existing Aerospace standards where relevant.


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"This has been our most ambitious project to date. AS13100 represents a major step forward in the harmonisation of the engine manufacturer supplier requirements. It provides a clear focus on Defect Prevention processes that will help the supply chain to achieve our goal of Zero Defects."

—Dr. Ian Riggs

Global Quality Executive, Rolls-Royce; Chair, AESQ

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