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Introduction to DO-178C

Instructor: Vance Hilderman  
Future Dates to be Announced

Understand industry best practices for real-world software development to avoid common DO-178C mistakes and learn how to minimize DO-178C risks and costs, while also maximizing software quality during avionics development.

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Applying DO-254 for Avionics Hardware Development and Certification

Instructor: Vance Hilderman
May 19-22, 2020 (4 Sessions) - Live Online

This introductory course covers the various aspects of avionic hardware including: aircraft safety; systems; hardware planning; requirements; design; implementation and testing. Understand best practices related to DO-254.

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DO-326A and ED-202A : An Introduction to the New and Mandatory Aviation Cyber-Security Essentials

Instructor: Aharon David
June 1-4, 2020 (4 Sessions) - Live Online

This seminar will introduce attendees to industry best practices for real-world aviation cyber-security risk-assessment, development & assurance. Learn how to minimize DO-326/ED-202-set compliance risks and costs and optimize cyber-security levels.


SAE EDGE Research Reports: Peer-reviewed expertise

Unsettled Topics Concerning Airworthiness Cyber-Security Regulation EPR2020013

By Aharon David
Release date: June 6, 2020

This report provides a deeper analysis of airworthiness regulation standard-making and cyber-security, as based on the DO-326/ED-202 set of standards. Including analysis of expected effects on the aviation ecosystem, issues they pose to supply chains, and the challenges they present to the airworthiness certification process itself, this report expands to propose solution-seeking processes and potential frameworks.

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Stay up to speed with evolving software development and cybersecurity guidelines with expert guidance from veteran avionics engineers Vance Hilderman and Aharon David.

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