How Digital Transformation Accelerates Aerospace Development

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The Prospect of Digital Transformation

Digital tools can streamline product development and save millions. Learn how OEMs and suppliers are leveraging integrated systems to drive efficiency while improving overall quality.

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The Prospect of Digital Transformation

A new report from SAE International

Digital twin and digital thread technologies form the backbone of a digital product development process. The aerospace industry continues to explore and adopt them.

But many believe there is room for improvement. 

Read the report to learn how industry innovators are applying these technologies to realize unprecedented efficiency in design and manufacturing. 

New from SAE International

SAE OnQue™ Digital Standards System

Integrating digital standards with digital twin, MBE, and other systems.

Realize immense productivity while saving time. SAE OnQue™ ensures accurate, reliable standards data, updated in real time.

How does SAE OnQue™ work?

How OnQue Enhances Your Digital Tools


Realize immense productivity by saving precious time and money searching for standards information


Query is easy, fast, and brings every standard and relational data sets to your search, all in one experience


System platform ensures all users can navigate and interact with all standards and data


Reliable data helps ensure critical compliance to industry regulations and testing


Exchange and make use of information sets for key standards, drawings and tables on an expansive database of parts and materials


Engineering standards and information are reliable and kept up to date in real time

The Prospect of Digital Transformation

Learn more about how digital transformation is reshaping the aerospace industry.

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